We thank you for your interest in joining Barter Biz Canada.

Applying for membership is easy. You just need to complete attached application (fields marked with red * are mandatory).

Worried about security and confidentiality of the information submitted? Need not be. Barter Biz Canada uses top-notch security measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your information. The attached form is SSL encrypted for privacy and confidentiality of the information transmitted. In addition to SSL encryption of the entire form, we also individually encrypt confidential credit card information (credit card number, name on the card and CVD number) as well as your TAX and SSN/SIN number.

However, we understand that in spite of the industry leading security measures we have implemented to ensure your security and the privacy of the information transmitted using our online membership form, some of our visitors may be more comfortable with more traditional ways of applying.

Therefore, as an alternative, you may call us in to apply for your membership. Our phone number for new applications is 780-903-4060 (Blair Verbin)

You can also download and print the PDF copy of the application by clicking on below link: