Our Team

Hello, I am Darcy Rash. I am the original founder of Barter Biz Canada and have been involved in Barter for over 25 years. I brought the original Tradebank Franchise to Edmonton and soon realized our members were better served with a wider range of options so I started Barterbiz Canada. After a 3 year hiatus where I purchased a fitness center (Powerhouse Gym) which I continue to own and is also member with Barterbiz Canada I have repurchased Barterbiz Canada. I have facilitated the purchase of properties, autos, recreational vehicles numerous services, restaurant meals, the purchase of businesses etc. There is almost nothing that cannot be bartered with Barterbiz Canada.

I am excited to be back full time with Barterbiz Canada and look forward to expanding our membership base.

Darcy Rash

Hi, my name is Blair Verbin and I am a co-owner of Barter Biz Canada. I have been involved with many barter companies over the last 40 years. I originally started doing barter in 1980. Not only was it exciting; I was making fantastic sales!

This opened up a whole new opportunity for myself as it allowed me to purchase cars, condo’s, properties and houses across North America and locally as well as staying in very fine hotels, restaurants and taking world cruises.I have also utilized the barter system in renovating my home with trades such as roofers, plumbers, etc.

I would like to help you not only spend your barter dollars but expand the membership to open up new opportunities for the members!

My name is Igor Holovati and I am the technical services manager at Barter Biz Canada.Technology has been my middle name for over 20 years and I have spent much of my career working in the technology sector.

I wear many hats during my regular work day from being web designer, technical support “go-to”, search engine specialist ( I am Google AdWords certified consultant) and whatever else may be needed to ensure the smooth operation of our digital assets (website, Facebook page, etc.).

If you have any technical questions regarding your account, our website or simply would like to know how I can assist your business with any technology requirements you currently have (new website, logo, SEO, SEM, AdWords, business marketing, etc.) I look forward talking to you.